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Material: Stainless Steel; Metal surface: 18K gold /18K silver.
Why choose stainless steel: 1. No rust; 2. Not Allergic; 3. Powerful of anti-acid,anti-alkali; 4. No deformation; 5. Do not fade.

The size of the breathing necklace:
Pendant length: 5 cm / 6 cm;Chain length: 70 cm/ 55 cm, the chain length is longer than the general jewelry necklace (45 cm), the product can be worn to the chest.
The size of the Rotate bead necklace:
Pendant length: 20 cm X 22 cm; Chain length: 50 cm.

Note: The pendant does not have the function of a whistle and cannot be blown.
Function: Relieve anxiety or decorate.When you feel anxious, you can blow on this necklace and breathe deeply to relieve anxiety and calm your mood.If there is a problem with the package, please contact me before submitting a dispute or leaving negative feedback. Thank you in advance.