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Condition Rank
Handle: There are scratches.
There is a scrub on the edge.
There is some dullness and some light scratches on the hardware.
Outside: There is a loss of shape.
There is a scrub scratch on the corner.
There are slight scratches, dirt, and minute stains on the front.
There is a small stain on the top of the back, and scrub scratches on the top and bottom of the edges.
There are small scratches on the bottom, Kusumi, Discolors, and small scratches on the bottom studs.
There are Wrinkles, small stains, and small scratches on the sides.
There is scrub on the edges of the flap and opening.
There are dullness, scrubs, and small scratches on the front hardware part.
There is some wobbling on the turn lock hardware.
Inside: There are small stains and wrinkles on the front and back, as well as fabric lifting and twisting.
There are some moldings, Wrinkles, small scratches, and stains on the bottom.
There are Wrinkles and Stain on the side.
There are Wrinkles, fabric lifting, scrubs, small scratches, and small stains on the flap.
There are wrinkles and creases on the outside of the front open pocket, and stains, fluffing, and fraying on the inside.
There is dullness, Discolors, Stain, and peeling of plating on the Hardware part.
There are Wrinkles and stains on the leather part of the zipper.
Special note: Due to the number of years since manufacture, the official color name is unknown.
Our sales certificate ・Storage bag・Kadena (with Kusumi Discolors stains) Key x2 (with Kusumi Discolors stains) Clochette (with scratches on the strap)
Inside pocket x 3

Item information

Model name
Kelly 32
Serial number
W:12.2" H:9.1" D:4.7" Handle: 10.6 "
W:31cm H:23cm D:12cm handle:27cm