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1.Shipping time
Usually we will ship out within 3 working days.

2.Delivery time
Delivery time is depends on the shipping method which you choose.
a.Cainiao Super Economy /Cainiao Super Economy Global usually take 60-90 days.
b.Aliexpress Saver Shipping usually take 45-60 days.
c.Aliexpress Standard Shipping usually take 30-45 days.
d.EMS/UPS/DHL/DPEX/Fedex usually take 5-10 working days.

, our system will give you 5% addtional discount automatically.If your order amount(don't include shipping cost) is over $150, we will free shipping with DHL, Fedex, UPS, EMS,etc.

, please feel free to contact us via customer service, we will arrange to resend or refund you asap once we are online.

How to buy different color in one order?

just click one color option picture, then click "+", it will go to your shop cart automatically, then click another color option picture, and click "+", then do it one by one, finally pay for them together