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In 2018, Louis Vuitton, renowned for its luxury leather goods, launched an official licensed product collection for the FIFA World Cup Russia. The collection spotlights a selection of accessories that include the popular Keepall and Apollo bags, along with a variety of small leather goods. Inspired by the sport itself, the brand cleverly integrated a hexagonal pattern, reminiscent of the facets of a football, into the designs. These were skillfully rendered using the brand's iconic Epi leather, further elevating the overall aesthetic.

In a thoughtful nod to football culture, the Louis Vuitton initials "L.V" are incorporated into the products as if they were a team badge. This symbolizes the brand's deep-rooted association with FIFA, substantiated by its history of creating the official case for the tournament's coveted trophy. For the 2018 World Cup, Louis Vuitton extended its tribute to the sport by launching a limited collection of men's bags and leather goods. These pieces, crafted from the distinguished Epi leather, are constructed with a patchwork design that mirrors the appearance of a soccer ball, serving as a sophisticated homage to the globally revered game.