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This CDC cuff is an exquisite embodiment of bold elegance and contemporary style. As part of Hermes' esteemed Collier de Chien collection, which draws inspiration from robust dog collars, this bracelet makes a statement of luxury and strength. Crafted from the finest Swift leather, renowned for its supple texture and rich color absorption, the bracelet presents itself in a striking Ultraviolet shade. This vibrant and deep purple hue exudes confidence and adds a dramatic pop of color to any ensemble. The gold hardware on this bracelet serves as a perfect complement to the Ultraviolet leather, introducing a classic and opulent contrast. The interplay between the vivid Ultraviolet and the warm gold tones creates a harmonious and eye-catching combination, making this bracelet a captivating accessory.

Dress it Up: The Collier de Chien bracelet can be elegantly paired with a chic black evening dress and high heels for a refined and sophisticated look. The Ultraviolet color will add an alluring and luxurious touch, ideal for a formal event, an elegant dinner party, or a night at a sophisticated lounge.

Dress it Down: For a casual, yet fashionable flair, match this bracelet with a high-quality white t-shirt, distressed denim jeans, and trendy sneakers. This relaxed outfit allows the bracelet to stand out as a bold statement piece, perfect for a day out in the city, a casual brunch with friends, or a relaxed afternoon shopping spree.